Cheatsheet for Creating .MOV Files from .VOB files (DVDs)

Posted on 07/30/2009 at 11:38 am by Kevin Wentworth
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Every now and again I need to take a video from a promotional DVD and put it on a client's web site.  I use a handy utility that will convert almost any video file into a flash video (.swf/.flv).  The hard part usually comes from having to rip the video from the DVD. 

I use MediaCoder.  It's Open Source, easy to use, and extremely powerful.  The reason for my post, is to remember some settings.  These settings are the ones that worked for me.  I don't recommend them, but they successfully ripped a DVD video (.VOB) to .MOV.  I then take the .MOV file and run it through my converter to create a flash video file and flash player. (I know there's a process improvement here, but these settings worked.  Nothing like waiting 20 minutes for your computer to spit out an invalid video...)

MediaCoder .MOV rip settings

Format: MPEG-4
Container: MOV
Audio: Lame MP3 (original quality)



-Kevin Wentworth

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