Island Pond Ice Fishing - February 2009

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This is from the annual ice fishing trip at Island Pond. I know it's been quite a while, but I'm just now getting around to publishing photo albums on this site. I hope to post almost all my photos worthy of consumption by family, friends or anyone.

Island Pond, Harrison, Maine

Nice scenery for ice fishing.

Kyle looking so cool

Kyle in his Aviator glasses. I couldn't resist taking this shot.

Football on the Ice

It was a little slow mid-day, so why not toss around the football.

Kory's first fish of the day

Kory holding up his prized catch.

Kevin freezing

Kevin freezing his ass off! The wind will rip right through you on the open ice.

Beans for Dinner

Bob's famous baked beans were cooking all day long.

Kevin's first catch of the day

My first catch of the day. Go Cuse!

Kyle's first catch of the day

Kyle celebrating his first fish of the day. Marcel is that you?

It's Bean Time

It's bean time!

The basement

The basement used to be so organized. A neat picture of Americana?

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