A Really Good Implementation of Captcha

Posted on 09/22/2009 at 02:45 pm by Kevin Wentworth
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Awesome Captcha Implementation

I just experienced a version of Captcha that I actually like.  Instead of having to type in jumbled letters and phrases or answering simple questions, Service2Client actually asks you to identify the color of the letter in a certain position.  Not only does it fool spambots (I would assume anyway) but it's pretty easy to understand.

Solves the Usability Problem

It stumped me for a second, but once I figured it out, no problem.  I would try a different approach, but this is really a neat way of thinking about  the basic captcha solution.  This method has better usability than most captcha user interactions.  I would even consider theming the Captcha around the site's brand... making the question reinforce the web site's brand.

I hate spambots!

Only with a combination of question/response and visual identification will we ever be able to weed out ALL erroneous form submissions from those pesky spam bots.  I will have to try building something like this into Site Avenger.

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