Create a Checklist Group or Related Checkboxes in CakePHP

Posted on 03/05/2010 at 12:38 pm by Kevin Wentworth
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This is an interesting one.  I needed to create a group of checkboxes.  In my mind, it's just like a radio button group, except with checkboxes.  The only difference should be that with radio buttons you can only select one, while with a checkbox group you should be able to select as many as you want.  To achieve a checklist group in CakePHP is a little convoluted.

First Step, Create an Input of type=>'select'

That's right, if you want to make a group of checkboxes that are related in CakePHP, you have to first create an input of type equals select through the form helper.

Next Step, Set multiple=>'checkbox'

Easy- just set the multiple parameter equal to checkbox.  Now CakePHP's form helper will output a group of checkboxes instead of a select drop down menu. For more information on what happens when you set 'multiple'=>true read the manual for $options['multiple'].

Last Step, Give Yourself Options

The last part of making a checklist group is to give the form helper the options you want to be outputted. Here's the full line of code:

  1. echo $form->input('Checkboxes', array('type'=>'select', 'multiple'=>'checkbox', 'options'=>array(1=>'One Value', 2=>'Two Value)));

My only gripe about this method is that each checkbox is wrapped in a div, then the whole checkbox group is wrapped in a div, instead of wrapping everything in a fieldset, like the radio button group.

Correct Me If I'm Wrong

I haven't really figured out how to customize the display of the checkbox group without overriding the form helper, so if you have any input please comment.

-Kevin Wentworth

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Posted by Eric Wilson

on 18/10/10

echo $this->Form->input('letters', array(
'type' => 'select',
'options' => array('a', 'b', 'c'),
'multiple' => 'checkbox',
'selected' => array('a')

when cake 1.3 generates checkboxes it assigns the divs to a checkbox class so you can then style them w/o affecting your other input styles:
float: left;
padding-right: 15px;

the above would line them all up horizontally with some padding to avoid confusion.

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