Best Free Mysql Zip code Database

Posted on 04/20/2010 at 04:42 pm by Kevin Wentworth
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I'm sure every developer reaches a point when they will need to use a mysql database of zip codes in the United States.  Say you want to make a store locator and show how many miles a customer is from your store, or if you have some custom php logic that uses zip codes, you will inevitably need a mysql database of zipcodes. 

The Best Free Mysql Zip Code Database

So here it is- my vote for the best database of zipcodes available in native mysql format on the Internet.  From my limited testing and usage of this database it doesn't have any errors.  Best of all it was updated within the past year.  I would love to know about any errors people have found and if there is a better zipcode database out there.

Want a Great Zipcode Database without Portsmouth, NH?

If you're interested, I was using another zipcode database in production.  At the time I was living in Portsmouth, NH and did a search using the 03801 Portsmouth zip code, and it didn't come up (I think, or it was mis-coded, it's been a long time).  I had searched for 'Open Source Mysql Zip Code Database' and it obviously came up.  I looked around for a better solution (i.e. one that had been updated prior to 2005) but my search didn't result in anything better.

Hopefully after the 2010 census is complete and the zip code information becomes public, the database above will be more accurate.  Until then, use the first database.

-Kevin Wentworth

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